Social problems are inherently complex, interconnected, and cut across many domains and sectors. How can we practically apply systems thinking approaches to address the intractable social challenges that require urgent attention?

Co-authored by Akanimo Akpan and Colleen Magner, this article answers this question and shares six principles and practical approaches to drive impactful change.

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The time for effective collaboration is now

Radical collaboration is a pragmatic and proven approach to advancing climate action with the speed, scale, and justice required to make an urgent, effective, scalable impact.

Learn how to collaborate for climate action with the guidebook: “Radical Collaboration to Accelerate Climate Action”.

The Dinokeng Scenarios were a space for open, reflective and reasoned strategic conversation among South Africans about possible futures for the country.
An analysis of the complexity of cross-sector social problems, particularly concerning the issue of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.
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The Mont Fleur scenario exercise brought together diverse leaders who worked together to envision South Africa's transition from apartheid to democracy.