Bridging the
collaboration gap

For over two decades, we’ve supported implementers of change to work together and shift the root causes of societal challenges. Using our systemic, collaborative, and creative approaches, we co-create with our partners and tailor solutions to each unique situation.

By providing a container for learning, trust-building, re-imagining, and innovation, we walk our partners through a collaborative process designed to shift perspectives and positively influence realities. This enables diverse stakeholders to move forward together with speed, scale, and justice.

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Our purpose

To enable sustainable and equitable progress on humanity’s most crucial challenges.

Our values

Three fundamental values guide us. They are the foundation of why we exist, what we care about, and how we show up in the world.

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Radical collaboration
Working together across differences to transform systems
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Adaptive rigour
Working with proven methods creatively and responsively
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Humble courage
Working on the toughest societal challenges as partners

Reos practices

We’re driven to support businesses, civil society organisations, foundations, governments, and intergovernmental agencies looking to achieve systems change across various societal issues.

To do this, we follow four core practices:

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We help our partners re-perceive their situation with a systemic perspective and identify root causes and critical leverage points for change, thereby unblocking polarised situations to make a lasting impact.

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We support our partners to mobilise diverse stakeholders across the system in processes that create new realities, enabling groups to move beyond debating and negotiating towards working together to transform systems.


Using innovative strategies and purposeful experimentation, we co-develop solutions that can be scaled and replicated, so our partners can build stronger relationships, develop clearer intentions, and create new responses to societal challenges.


Walking alongside our partners as trusted guides, we link our work with existing processes, offer expert advice, and co-design tailored solutions to equip groups with the knowledge and tools to make transformative and actionable progress confidently.

Our people

Leaders in the art and science of systems change, we’re perfectly positioned around the world to make an impact globally while keeping our focus on the people we serve on the ground.

Want to join our team?

At Reos Partners, we pride ourselves on our differences. On our differences in knowledge, opinions and backgrounds. Because we know that it’s in the diversity of our collective experience that our strength lies. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for remarkable people from around the world to join our team!

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Your partners in systems change