Make an impact. Accelerate change.

We partner with multi-stakeholder groups who are seeking to make systemic change on pressing societal issues. These groups include but aren’t limited to governments, intergovernmental agencies, businesses, foundations, and civil society organisations.

We co-design tailored and adaptive strategies through collaborative and creative approaches to enable diverse stakeholders to make big, fast, and fair results, together.

Explore a range of our experience below.

Augmenting climate action with speed, scale, and justice.
Shaping equitable, inclusive, and effective education systems.
Developing dependable, sustainable and affordable energy solutions.
Food systems
Creating sustainable, just and resilient food systems.
Gender-based violence
Addressing gender-based violence and harassment.
Improving access to equal, just, and quality health systems.
Inclusive growth
Creating pathways for sustainable, inclusive growth and development
Indigenous rights
Dismantling colonial and systemic barriers for Indigenous rights.
Information ecosystems
Strengthening social cohesion in an age of mis- and disinformation.
Oceans, seas, and water
Enhancing the sustainability and resilience of oceans, seas, and water supplies.
Peace, democracy, and justice
Working with differences to build and sustain peace, democracy and people-centred justice.
Race and power
Disassembling structural and systemic inequities to advance racial equity.

Supporting implementers of change to collaborate and shift root causes of societal challenges within and across borders.

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Many conflict situations require not just properly designed and methodical negotiations that lead to success, which is a very hard thing to do, but an accompanying change in the fundamental attitudes of many sectors of society, which is often even harder. Reos’ work on future scenarios that lead to a realistic appreciation of what is possible and desirable strikes me as exactly the right approach




Reos Partners’ work helped inspire the Engineering Change Lab, and their support has been critical to its success. I really appreciate how they leverage best practices from cutting-edge systems change efforts around the world and work with us to customise the approach for our specific context.”

Mark Abbott

Managing Director, Engineering Change Lab Canada


Scenario Thailand Foundation has partnered with Reos Partners in many endeavors since the political unrest in Thailand in 2011. We have learned and facilitated using Transformative Scenario Planning in various issues, from political conflicts to anti-corruption, both in-person and online approaches. Reos Partners is the true expert in facilitating truly immersive and participatory discussions in order to create collaborative efforts among those who may be in disagreement.

Jaruwaree (Fah) Snidwongse

Ph.D. Scenario Thailand Foundation

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The time for effective collaboration is now

Radical collaboration is a pragmatic and proven approach to advancing climate action with the speed, scale, and justice required to make an urgent, effective, scalable impact.

Learn how to collaborate for climate action with the guidebook: “Radical Collaboration to Accelerate Climate Action”.