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Lucilene Danciguer positioned to foster collaboration in the climate space

Reos Partners
March, 2022


Reos Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of senior consultant, Lucilene Danciguer, to the Adaption Research Alliance (ARA) steering board. This nomination builds on the relationships forged during the ASSAR project.

Launched last year at COP26, this new coalition of global adaptation actors (currently consisting of almost 140 members and growing) is a global, collaborative effort that aims to catalyse and scale investment in action-oriented research and innovation for adaptation that strengthens resilience in communities most vulnerable to climate change.

“I feel very honoured,” says Lucilene. “There is a weighty sense of responsibility in this appointment as I represent not only Reos Partners and our ecosystem of social transformation via collaboration, but also my region; Latin America and Brazil.”

Effective response to climate change  impacts necessitates adaptation that is informed by actionable knowledge. However the current scope and scale of action-oriented research is insufficient and hampered by under-investment, a disconnect between researchers and experiences from the most vulnerable, misaligned incentives, fragmentation, low capacity in developing countries, and limited learning from experience.

“ARA aims to bring research-action related to adaptation to climate change for vulnerable populations. Faced with the rapid and drastic climate changes that we are experiencing in various regions of the planet, we need agility and more research to support actions,” explains Lucilene. 

Through diverse stakeholder partnerships and collaborations between the funders, researchers, and actors that make up the ARA membership, the Alliance seeks to co-create, innovate, and find solutions that have tangible effects on people’s everyday lives. The Alliance takes the view that climate-vulnerable countries—such as those in Latin America—should not only become resilient; they should prosper. 

“At Reos, we understand that collaboration is key to achieving the ambition," says Lucilene. "Together with colleagues from other Reos offices, we will offer our expertise in collaboration and strengthening ties of trust in an effort to bring academia closer to groups and organizations that work directly with people, and to bring together and generate collaborative actions between governments, academia and civil society, as well as among the various umbrella initiatives that have the potential to accelerate this movement.”

The Adaptation Research Alliance believes this new paradigm of action-orientated research holds the potential to inform effective adaptation to reduce the risks from climate change, particularly for countries and communities that are most vulnerable at the scale and urgency demanded by the science.

Lucilene brings with her a wealth of experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder and participatory processes.  For more than twenty years, she has consulted on environmental and social projects, bringing together various enterprises, public and non-profit organizations, including universities, municipalities, and NGOs.

“I look forward to helping foster climate research that is radically collaborative, southern-led, and provides long-lasting, real-world solutions.” 

Cover Image Source: Adaption Research Alliance

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