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The power of partnerships: Collaborating for climate solutions

Reos Partners
May, 2024


Reducing carbon emissions and expanding energy access for sustainable livelihoods is a global priority. The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) is a unique initiative that brings together philanthropy, local entrepreneurs, governments, technology, policy, and financing partners to support developing countries' transition to clean energy.

GEAPP aims to provide reliable, clean energy to one billion people, avoid and avert four billion tons of carbon emissions, and create, enable, or improve 150 million jobs. To achieve these objectives, GEAPP collaborates with several organizations, funders, and implementation agencies worldwide. 

Partnering for climate action 

Effective collaboration and strategic partnerships are crucial for successful outcomes. Like any ambitious initiative of this scale, GEAPP faces some challenges. Alliance members have asked how they can have more ownership and a voice in decision-making and whether the whole GEAPP team can agree to partner with alliance members in a manner consistent with the strategy. To address these concerns, GEAPP enlisted Reos Partners to build collaboration capacity across the alliance ecosystem. The plan is to transfer knowledge and practices to the GEAPP team for better management of multi-stakeholder collaborations. 

Collaborating for impact

Reos’ work is aimed at furthering the objectives of GEAPP by:  

  • Enhancing the capacity of GEAPP and its alliance members to work in collaboration and with co-creative approaches that advance GEAPP's agenda.  
  •  Equipping the alliance members to effectively engage and enroll their respective organizations.  

  • Creating strategic alignment and developing a shared narrative across the 19+ members of the alliance.

Drawing from the practices of radical collaboration, Reos is engaging with GEAPP in the following areas: 

Collaboration and strategic partnership

Effective partnership at multiple levels is one of the most strategic ways for an initiative of this scale to innovate and address complex challenges. Reos Partners works closely with GEAPP to develop and deliver on the alliance's collaboration needs. This is being achieved through a series of alliance meetings, capacity-building events, and as-needed support. The primary focus is to accelerate and maximize the impact of the alliance by fostering more effective partnerships, both internally and externally.

Refining the partnership strategy

Reos Partners is helping GEAPP refine its partnership strategy, make it explicit across the organization, and apply it consistently. This will become a distinctive characteristic of GEAPP's work and focus of activities. By agreeing on the partnership strategy and operating model, GEAPP can slow down and make the mental models across the alliance partners and other key stakeholders more explicit to build a robust and shared collaborative approach to advancing the work. A few frameworks, tools, and approaches are consistently applied to establish and sustain an effective collaborative culture across the alliance.

Running the partnerships according to an agreed operating model 

Reos Partners is working with GEAPP to establish a regular cadence of work with a consistent set of leaders. This increases the alignment and coherence of GEAPP's portfolio of work and supports identifying opportunities, problem-solving, sharing market intelligence, and learning.

Active communication internally and across the alliance partners 

A robust communications approach is necessary to drive internal alignment between GEAPP and the alliance partners. Reos Partners is helping GEAPP develop and implement an active communication strategy to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop.

Active strategy, design, and collaboration support of key partnership activities 

Reos Partners supports a few high-stakes partnership activities to build collaboration "bright spots" and advance key issues. The direct experience of these workshops strengthens the alliance's collaborative culture and reinforces the value of the GEAPP approach.

Effective collaboration and strategic partnerships: Key to addressing global challenges

Collaboration and strategic partnerships play a crucial role in resolving global challenges, such as reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy access. GEAPP is making progress in achieving its objectives by building the ability to collaborate efficiently and strengthening partnerships. By enhancing the execution of its strategies through collaboration, GEAPP can align its efforts and take significant steps toward fulfilling its mission.  

Together, we can make a significant impact in addressing global challenges. Contact us to learn how Reos can support your progress on your most pressing issues. 

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