We need systemic, collaborative, and creative approaches to meet the challenges of our times

In our ever-changing world, traditional approaches to addressing crucial societal problems are becoming increasingly obsolete.

As a social impact company, we design and facilitate innovative, adaptive strategies that enable groups of diverse stakeholders to work together, allowing the potential for fast, big, and fair results.

Each situation is unique, so we tailor our approach accordingly and co-create with our partners.

Move from theory to impact

Achieve positive real-world outcomes for your organisation and society.

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Become agents of change

Drive transformative change on community, national, and international levels. 

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Practice social innovation

Build your capabilities to innovate in the face of complex challenges.

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Create system-level results

Discover new ways of approaching a stuck problem with a systemic perspective.

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Unblock polarised situations

Move beyond debating, judging, and negotiating toward dialogue and collaboration.

Now, more than ever, many diverse actors need to work together to make a real and lasting impact

The complex societal challenges we’re facing demand a radical level of collaborative problem-solving.

Radical collaboration enables diverse stakeholders to work together across sectors, perspectives, and generations, bridging the gap between divergent needs and interests to make systemic breakthroughs on societal issues at scale.

For over two decades, we’ve pioneered groundbreaking approaches for systemic change, including:

Transformative Scenarios

Construct shared understandings, build stronger relationships, and develop clearer intentions to create the potential to shape a better future.

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Bring people together across a system, identify the root causes behind a problem, devise collective solutions, test and action them in the real world.

Walking alongside you to address society’s most pressing challenges

We support governments, intergovernmental agencies, businesses, foundations, and civil society organisations across a range of areas, such as:


“Together with our friends from Reos Partners, we have pioneered a new approach to contribute to the realization of SDG16 – access to justice for all. We call it justice transformation. Reos has helped us organize and hold the deep conversations between justice leaders that are needed for that, conversations that are not about shallow change but deep transformation. Our inspiring partnership embodies the power of difference: between HiiL and Reos and between the justice leaders.”

Sam Muller

(The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law)


“Reos Partners’ work helped inspire the Engineering Change Lab, and their support has been critical to its success. I really appreciate how they leverage best practices from cutting-edge systems change efforts around the world and work with us to customize the approach for our specific context.”

Mark Abbott

Managing Director, Engineering Change Lab Canada


“Scenario Thailand Foundation has partnered with Reos Partners in many endeavors since the political unrest in Thailand in 2011. We have learned and facilitated using Transformative Scenario Planning in various issues, from political conflicts to anti-corruption, both in-person and online approaches. Reos Partners is the true expert in facilitating truly immersive and participatory discussions in order to create collaborative efforts among those who may be in disagreement.”

Jaruwaree (Fah) Snidwongse

Secretary General, Scenario Thailand Foundation