How can we work together to solve the problems we have created?

Reos Partners knows how to make real progress. Working as guides over the course of 20 years, we have mastered the structured processes that allow new insight, shared purpose, trusting relationships, and systemic change to emerge from groups mired in complexity, confusion, and conflict. The best future is the one we create together.

Who we are

Structured methodologies for systemic change

Progress results from skillfully engaging people with diverse perspectives and interests to collaborate to effect systemic change. We do that with a case-by-case approach and proven methodologies.

What we do

Real progress on vital challenges, worldwide

Systemic change requires steady effort; a quick fix is no fix at all. Our best projects take on lives of their own, spawning robust networks, alliances, and institutions.

How we help

“A diverse, dispersed, resilient, largely renewable electricity future is the key to . . . making the world richer, fairer, cooler, and safer. I think eLab is going to speed up the transition by maybe a decade.”

Amory Lovins Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute