How can we work together to solve the problems we have created?

Reos Partners knows how to make real progress. We’ve been designing and facilitating systemic change projects for 20 years and have built up a rigorous set of transformative methods. Again and again, we enable people mired in complexity, confusion, and conflict to work together to construct new realities—and a better future.


Methods that effect systemic change

We help people make breakthroughs with projects that span days, months, or years. The results range from new understandings and commitments to new initiatives and institutions. A single skillfully organised event can be the genesis of a systemic shift.


Real progress on vital challenges, worldwide

We’ve learned that there is no quick fix: systemic change takes time, energy, resources, and skill. But with these ingredients, our most successful projects take on lives of their own, spawning resilient networks, alliances, and ecologies.


“A diverse, dispersed, resilient, largely renewable electricity future is the key to making the world richer, fairer, cooler, and safer. I think eLab is going to speed up the transition by maybe a decade.”

Amory Lovins Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute