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How To Step Into Radical Collaboration

Reos Partners
January, 2023


Discover how to step into radical collaboration to upgrade the capacity of multistakeholder collaborations.

The complexity of the societal challenges we’re facing worldwide – from climate emergencies and humanitarian crises to outbreaks of violence – require a unique approach to guide us toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future. At Reos Partners, we believe that collaboration, now, more than ever, from global to interpersonal level is at the core of the solutions needed today. This collaboration must bridge divides, embrace uncertainty and bring diverse strengths to the table – we’re calling it “radical collaboration”.

Radical collaboration is an inclusive, cooperative, responsive approach that produces movement and learning, and therefore the potential for fast, big, and fair results. It’s how we can upgrade the capacity of multi-stakeholder collaborations — in all sectors, at all scales, all around the world. Both intra-organizational teams and larger inter-organizational collaborations can benefit from radical collaboration, especially if they are feeling stuck in partnerships, facing conflict, or not seeing the desired progress.

Below, we share practical tips to prepare your team and stakeholders for radical collaboration.

Begin With a Collaborative Spirit

Any multistakeholder group seeking to achieve change through collaborative work – with internal teams and/or external stakeholders – can benefit from radical collaboration. The process invites diverse groups of people with varied perspectives and areas of expertise to work together with a shared purpose. Beginning with a collaborative spirit is key to getting started with radical collaboration.

Focus on Engagement Rather Than Buy-In

A simple invitation to explore new methods of working together is enough to start radical collaboration. The path to addressing challenging societal issues doesn’t need to be — nor can it be — known at the outset. Participants need only be willing to walk the path together. As relationships are formed around a shared purpose, the group develops collective ownership of new processes and ideas.

Approach With a Willingness To Learn

Accepting and honestly applying the practices of radical collaboration requires an open-minded approach. Listening and learning from others is essential. Through genuine engagement, group brainstorming, and knowledge-sharing, team members gain new outlooks leading to the co-development of possible solutions.

Play Your Role

Prepare for radical collaboration by applying the first of the seven practices shared in the Radical Collaboration for Climate Action Guidebook: Play your role. Make a personal assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to determine how best to contribute to the work as you and your fellow collaborators move through the subsequent practices to advance climate action.

That brings us to the end of our practical tips on how to step into radical collaboration. If you’re interested in learning more about radical collaboration, download the Radical Collaboration for Climate Action Guidebook. The guidebook outlines a series of practices that, when applied, promote inclusivity and cooperation to address complex challenges effectively. When the seven practices are all used, they provide an amplified, collective benefit.

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