Webinar: Health System Scenarios


Is your work focused on influencing the health and well-being of individuals and communities? Are you seeking out high impact ways to achieve health and health equity? Join Reos Partners and members of the Health System Scenario Team to discuss the Health System Scenarios: Possible Futures for Health and Health Equity in the USA, 2017-2030, their implications, and how you can use them to inform your approaches to achieving health and health equity.

Throughout 2017, Reos Partners has worked with an outstanding diverse team from across the American health system to co-create the Health System Scenarios. Three scenarios emerged, exploring the question: How will the United States improve health outcomes?

Will it reduce the role of government and rely on the Marketplace? Will it bring national stakeholders together in the Conference Room? Or will it organize change from the bottom up, at the Kitchen Table?

These scenarios offer an opportunity to engage many diverse voices across the country in drawing attention to the opportunities, risks, and choices we face regarding the future of health and health equity. More than a product with a single message, the scenarios are a catalyst to spark reflection, discussion, and action relevant to the diverse social, political, and environmental contexts of different regions of the country.

The real work happens now that the scenarios are complete. They are a tool that leaders can employ within and across their organizations, to generate and test strategic and policy options.

Panelists: Brenna Atnikov, Reos Partners
Carrie Cihak, King County Executive Dow Constantine
Rosanne Haggerty, Community Solutions
Tassiana Willis, singer, writer and actress