Webinar: Climate Action Requires Collaborative Action


How Innovative Organizations are Driving Impact

On October 21, 2021, Reos Partners Managing Director Joe McCarron hosted a conversation with three organizational leaders — working in different parts of the world and at different scales — who are turning strategies into real practice to drive impactful climate action. They all recognize that building cross-sector partnerships is at the center of accelerating effective change.

In the roundtable discussion Climate Action Requires Collaborative Action, the panelists offered key insights on how to:

- leverage cooperation to meaningfully influence systemic change; and 
- transform ideas into real practices that are good for people and the planet

“We are facing a planetary emergency. In addition to understanding and collaboration, we need courageous leadership to solve this problem.” 

Jules Kortenhorst, Chief Executive Officer, RMI

“This is how humans survive through tough times: having these communities where we support one another and recognizing that there are ways of working together.”

Amar Inamdar, Managing Director, KawiSafi Ventures

“Every collaboration, every exchange of ideas, every action that anyone in the system takes–no matter how small—is part of that collective action toward transformation.”

Kathleen McLaughlin, Executive VP & Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart, Inc

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