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A Management Model for Sustainability in the Financial Sector

Christel Scholten’s chapter from the book Management Models for the Future, by Jan Jonker and Jacob Eskildsen (Eds.)

Since 1998, Banco Real, the third largest private bank in Brazil, has relentlessly worked to create a 'new bank for a new society', by integrating social, environmental and economic aspects into the business.

Its management model was adopted in 2001, evolved in 2006 and is used to guide the organisation towards achieving its ambitious vision and mission.

The model focuses the organisation on creating sustainable results by creating value for and contributing to the total satisfaction of the organisation's key stakeholders - employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, society and the environment. 

The individual is at the centre of the model because of a strong belief that each individual plays a role as a change agent in contributing to the evolution of society.

The case of Banco Real demonstrates that the integration of sustainability into its model is a win-win-win strategy for shareholders, clients, employees and other stakeholders.


About the Author

Christel leads the Brazilian team of Reos Partners and is committed to contributing to a more equitable, regenerative and sustainable world. 

With over 20 years of experience in sustainable development in both corporate and non-profit environments and in different regions, Christel brings a systemic perspective and understanding to her work, supporting groups to identify and collaborate around key leverage points for transformation. She designs, facilitates and supports systems transformation processes with organizations and multi-stakeholder groups. She is passionate about and committed to continuing to deepen her facilitation practice, creating an enabling environment for inclusion and collaboration.