From Dust to Diamonds

Stories of South African social entrepreneurs

This book profiles 19 social entrepreneurs (mostly from the Gauteng province) and the innovative approaches they have taken in order to tackle the various social challenges existing in their communities at various points in South Africa’s recent history.

Each story is very different and the issues tackled span many different sectors; education, health, HIV/AIDS and orphans, environment, youth at risk, and others. However, all demonstrate passion, vision and wholehearted commitment to social transformation.

Written by Beulah Thumbadoo and Gretchen L. Wilson, and edited by Colleen Magner, this book is appealing to a range of different audiences.

The lessons learnt section at the end of each chapter along with the overall insights detailed at the end of the text also allow it to be used as a valuable educational tool.

The title is divided into three sections, namely, The Struggle Years – depicting stories addressing the inequalities created by the apartheid regime, transformation – profiling work done through South Africa’s transition to democracy and lastly, South Africa’s new challenges – highlighting present day projects which are tackling one of South Africa’s current social challenges.

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About the Author

Colleen is co-founder of Reos Partners and previously served as the Managing Director for the Africa office. Her new role as Director of Innovation and Practice will focus on evolving Reos’ offerings to amplify impact.

She is a scenario planning expert and has led a number of transformative scenario planning processes around the world. Her experience includes convening, organising, and facilitating short- and long-term relationships across sectors to address their most pressing challenges—from violence against women to climate change adaptation in vulnerable parts of the African continent.