What kind of collaboration is needed to move South Africa forward?

In its 21st edition, The Trialogue Business in Society Handbook 2018 builds on the publication’s well-established reputation for providing comprehensive and reliable data and thought leadership on corporate social investment (CSI), while also responding to the increasingly holistic role of business within society, including but not bound by the concept of CSI. 

Our Director, Colleen Magner, contributed with a chapter titled "What kind of collaboration is needed to move South Africa forward?" (pages 196-200) where she unpacks the conditions required to facilitate stretch collaboration and explains why this approach is particularly useful in highly complex situations. 

About the Author

Colleen is co-founder of Reos Partners and previously served as the Managing Director for the Africa office. Her new role as Director of Innovation and Practice will focus on evolving Reos’ offerings to amplify impact.

She is a scenario planning expert and has led a number of transformative scenario planning processes around the world. Her experience includes convening, organising, and facilitating short- and long-term relationships across sectors to address their most pressing challenges—from violence against women to climate change adaptation in vulnerable parts of the African continent.