Yannick Wassmer

Senior Consultant

Yannick is a Senior Consultant based in Groningen, The Netherlands. 

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Yannick is a student of equitable systems change and a complexity nerd. He loves to design and facilitate collaborative change processes and transformative learning experiences, using participatory and dialogic methodologies for inner and outer change. Yannick was the project and facilitation lead for the RES Lab, a collaborative multi-stakeholder process to develop new responses to the climate crisis from an intergenerational justice lens.

Yannick leads multiple social lab processes focused on creating flourishing, safe, and healthy Black and racially minoritised communities across London and the UK. As part of the Global Services Team at Reos Partners, Yannick plays a vital role in stewarding the journey towards becoming a racially equitable, decolonised organisation. 

He has a passion for cooking (Indonesian food!), loves to talk to strangers, and plays football with his mates every Saturday.

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