Sarah Samaha


Sarah is a Consultant based in Cairo, Egypt and London, United Kingdom.

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Sarah specialises in supporting teams to learn together. She uses interviews, surveys, and group processes to enable people to create, retain and transfer knowledge. Over the past 10 years, Sarah has worked extensively on projects related to education, migration and refugees, justice system transformation, and youth entrepreneurship.  Through her work in various civic and social organisations, Sarah has gained experience both in the field (providing support to high-risk groups in various contexts) and at an organisational level (developing quality assurance methods and tools for organisational development).  

Through the Syria Justice Innovation Process (SJIP), Sarah codified a novel and comprehensive Justice Transformation methodology which was implemented for the first time in a post-conflict context. She has led numerous process evaluations and produced learning documents and reports to inform client and stakeholder learning. 

Sarah's passion for travel and cultural exploration has taken her on journeys to 33 countries across the planet. Originally hailing from Egypt, Sarah now lives in London.

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