Ravenna Nuaimy-Barker

Senior Consultant

Ravenna is a Senior Consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Ravenna supports groups to learn about and create transformative systems change. She has extensive experience working with groups to develop and implement solutions to social and environmental challenges. In addition to her focus on strategy, evaluation and learning, Ravenna also brings her background in process facilitation, research and project management to support transformation processes.

Ravenna is the project lead for Shared Realities, which aims to strengthen social cohesion in an age of mis- and dis-information.  Ravenna was the Scenario Writer for Scenarios for the Future of Afghan Civil Society. She has played the role of project coordinator, and methodology lead for learning partnerships with Power to Change and London Funders.  

One of Ravenna’s great joys in life is food. She loves composting, gardening, cooking, and experiencing flavours from around the world.

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