Rachel Jones

Senior Associate

Rachel is a Senior Associate based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Rachel is a leading expert in social lab methodology and coaching systems change. She has experience across multiple sectors—from private sector finance, mining, diversity, and inclusion, to public sector health, financial inclusion, food security, and civil society, including violence against women and working with issues of race. She is driven to create humanised spaces where individuals can ignite their personal agency and harness collective effort to create systemic change on the social issues that concern them.

Her work includes supporting the Mandela Rhodes Foundation in their leadership programme which is designed to build reconciliation, entrepreneurship, and innovation capacities in scholars from across the continent. Rachel has lead and designed multiple social lab processes namely on the topic of inclusive insurance. She supported multi-stakeholder teams from public, private sector, and civil society in Ghana, Kenya, India and Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Zambia to develop innovations that create a more inclusive insurance model for those who are underserved and at risk. 

In her spare time, Rachel serves as a volunteer coordinator for Home from Home – a shelter housing girls at risk in Johannesburg. For fun, she dances and is an avid potter of one-of-a-kind creations.

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