Mille Bøjer


Mille is a Director of Reos Partners, based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

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Mille is a creative and experienced practitioner and thought leader in the space of social transformation and systems change. She co-founded the Reos Partners offices in Johannesburg, São Paulo, and Geneva, where she is now based.

She is the lead author of Mapping Dialogue: Essential Tools for Social Change, which outlines a variety of transformative dialogue tools and change processes. Her expertise includes facilitating complex and high-stakes multi-stakeholder processes and building purposeful networks and organisations.

Mille has worked as a lead facilitator on numerous transformative scenarios processes including Alerta Democratica and Cyprus Futures. She was the interviewer, facilitator and knowledge manager on Scenarios for the Drug Problem in the Americas and she convened and led facilitation on Leadership and Innovation Network for Children.

A Danish national, Mille has lived in seven countries on four continents. She has also published a cookbook.

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