Michael Kang


Michael is a Consultant based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Mike is an experienced agent of change who propels collaborative efforts to address complex challenges that matter to people and the planet. Mike helps bring structure, clarity, heart, and tenacity to the challenging and messy work of trying to change the world. Mike contributes as a listener, strategist, facilitator, coach, writer, and companion. 

Mike facilitated the development of the Wahbung: Our Tomorrows Imagined scenarios, a set of stories about how the future could unfold for the First Nations of Manitoba, written collaboratively with First Nations communities and leaders from around the province. He has played key leadership roles in the Emergency Aid Lab, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success Strategy, and other change initiatives in higher education, peace and democracy, and environment.

Outside of work, Mike loves to play music for his family and experiments with different ways to make bathtime fun for his toddler. 

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