Mary Lima

Senior Associate

Mary is a Senior Associate based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Mary is a project manager and designer, facilitator of groups and workshops, speaker and partnership articulator. She works with socio environmental themes, intercultural communication (engagement and social participation methodologies, community and stakeholder management), education (socio creative and socio environmental learning), partnership management and project design.

With more than 20 years of experience in the socio environmental and cultural field, before joining Reos, she worked in all regions of Brazil, especially the Amazon, with different stakeholders, including traditional population, through projects such as Artesanato do Quilombo for the CPI-SP (Planet Casa Award 2005 from Casa Cláudia Magazine), ARPA- (Areas Protected Areas of the Amazon) from FUNBIO.

As an entrepreneur, she founded Filó Consulting, a socio environmental consultancy and was a co-founder of the international community Let’s do It Community Learning – English practice and intercultural exchanges. She was also Vice President of Consulting Companies at ABAI – Brazilian Association for Impact Assessment, 2019-2021.

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