Mariam Semaan


Mariam is an Associate based in Beruit, Lebanon. 

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Mariam collaborates with individuals, teams and organisations to develop learning journeys that aim to expand their meaning-making of the world, widen their perspective and deepen their understanding.

Her aim is always to see these groups innovate better, lead more effectively, or simply grow more mindfully. She is a Human-Centred Design expert, a Leadership Circle Profile certified coach and a Growth Edge Interview practitioner.

Mariam was the process designer of the Syria Justice Innovation Lab. She designed, interviewed and documented learnings from the Covid19: Transformative Scenario Planning for Syria and facilitated the Global inequality project: Transformative Scenario Planning for MENA/West Africa.

Mariam is a former journalist and the only Lebanese to have been awarded the John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford University, California. She is passionate about arts, antiques and jewellery and travels the world to discover and curate her collections.

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