Manuela Restrepo

Senior Consultant

Manuela is a Senior Consultant based in Bogota, Colombia.

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Manuela is an experienced facilitator, manager, and leader of complex change processes both at local and national levels. She has extensive international experience having lived in multiple countries, and speaks Spanish, French and English, with knowledge of Portuguese. 

Her ability to connect with people enables her to successfully create space for transformative change. Manuela has been involved in transformative scenarios projects such as Destiny Ethiopia and Kafou Lespwa as well as supported organizational strategy for Cuso International and Heifer International to name a few. She also had key roles in energy transition projects like Roadmap to 80x50. 

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Manuela enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring art forms such as photography or street art, engaging in yoga and baking delicious treats for loved ones.

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