Lucas Matarazzo

Associate Consultant

Lucas is an Associate Consultant based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Lucas has played several roles including process design, facilitation and documentation on projects such as the Brazilian Education and Technologies Scenarios, the Sustainable Amazon Forum and a strategic planning process for the Brazilian chapter of ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs).

Lucas has studied and worked in the intersection of systems thinking and participatory design. He believes that a systems approach, combined with participatory design practices, can allow diverse stakeholders to develop deeper shared understandings and empower them to collectively envision and catalyse transformations. Lucas' academic background in sociology equips him with diverse qualitative research experience and a critical perspective on contemporary social, economic and technological issues. He has been drawing inspiration for his work in Brazil from decolonial theories and Latin American critical thought.

Lucas is a keen traveller. He spent a year dedicated to contemplative practices in Asia, living in small off-grid intentional communities and spending months in meditation and yoga training.

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