Kathryn Gichini

Marketing & Communications Lead

Kathryn is a Marketing and Communications Lead based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Kathryn brings her creativity and a passion for social justice to her work in communications and marketing for the Reos Europe office. As part of the Cyprus Futures project team, Kathryn oversaw the branding and design of the project in addition to the creation of a dedicated website and engaging social media content. Kathryn also contributes to the work of the Global Communications Team, amplifying Reos’ voice and work globally. 

With her diverse cultural background, Kathryn brings a unique perspective to any project she works on. While her academic background is in International Relations and Development Studies, Kathryn believes in the power of stories and illustrations to communicate complex ideas and theories. 

When she’s not at her desk, Kathryn loves soaking up sun rays and digging her toes in the sand at the beach (most likely influenced by her Trinidadian and Sri Lankan roots)! 

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