Karin Hommels


Karin is an Associate based in Deventer, Netherlands.

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Karin is an experienced process facilitator and uses her visual and creative skills to help groups move forward.

She designs and facilitates processes that focus on collaboration and transformation. In her work, she is sensitive to the balance between the organisation's results and the personal growth of individuals.

Karin has a sense of context and conditions needed to achieve change. She connects to the people she works with and becomes part of the team. An optimistic view, creative mind and energetic approach are the key features she uses to create possibilities.

Karin facilitated a change process within a mental health institute. The purpose of that was to make the institute more accessible for people in need and therefore the institute made a shift to have the medical people in the lead position.

She loves to remind herself of rule no. 6  “don't take yourself too seriously’.

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