Karen Goldberg

Senior Consultant

Karen is a Senior Consultant based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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With her systemic thinking, analytical rigour, and deep listening skills, Karen helps design and support processes that meet the deeper-change agenda of any organisation or team, building collaborative muscle and capacity for navigating complexity and change in the process. She is passionate about increasing personal and collective agency to support larger systems change. She is also developing a growing interest in instructional design for blended learning processes.

Karen provided design and facilitation support on the Pathways to the Future for Oxfam Strategy: (2019 - 2020) as well as coaching the Oxfam team in the scenario writing process. She was closely involved in the design, interviewing and synthesis of the UNAIDS Global AIDS Strategy Process and led and co-facilitated local transformative scenarios processes as part of the Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR) Project.

In 2001, Karen fulfilled a lifelong dream of undertaking a transoceanic sailing trip by completing a yacht delivery of a 32ft catamaran. Together with a skipper, first mate and another deck-hand, the four completed the 10,000 nautical mile journey from Cape Town, South Africa, to La Paz, Mexico, in just under three months, stopping briefly at St Helena, St Lucia, Panama, and Acapulco along the way. She is a Crossfit fanatic.

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