Colleen Casimira

Marketing Manager

Colleen is a Marketing Manager based in Cambridge, USA.

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Through thoughtful communication strategies and practices, Colleen supports Reos' work to shift complex systems and create a more just world. As the head of marketing for North America, she drives global campaigns and initiatives while ensuring effective regional marketing results through strategic story development across digital platforms.

Colleen's passion is to tell stories that showcase the power of inclusive collaboration in bringing about systemic change. She co-developed and produced the guidebook: Radical Collaboration To Accelerate Climate Action: A Guide for Working Together with Scale, Speed, and Justice. She designed and directed the Facilitating Breakthrough event series, which features conversations with world renowned change leaders.

When she isn’t mulling over content ideas or hyper focused on editing, Colleen may be found foraging wild edibles with her daughter in N’kadinna—the traditional, unceded land of the Western Abenaki, frequenting bookstores and art spaces, or soliciting help with restoring a vintage sailboat. (Anyone?

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