Christel Scholten

Managing Director

Christel is a Managing Director based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Christel leads the Brazilian team of Reos Partners and is committed to contributing to a more equitable, regenerative and sustainable world. 

With over 20 years of experience in sustainable development in both corporate and non-profit environments and in different regions, Christel brings a systemic perspective and understanding to her work, supporting groups to identify and collaborate around key leverage points for transformation. She designs, facilitates and supports systems transformation processes with organizations and multi-stakeholder groups. She is passionate about and committed to continuing to deepen her facilitation practice, creating an enabling environment for inclusion and collaboration.  

Key projects she has led or contributed to in Brazil include the Sustainable Fashion Collaboration, Sustainable Amazon Forum and the Brazil Education Scenarios.

Christel is Canadian. She enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures having lived in seven countries and travelled to over forty. She is a passionate mother of three, loves spending time in nature either alone or with family, on a sailboat or in a tent, and regularly guides and participates in deep nature retreats.

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